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Time for a Lock Change?

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If you've just bought a home or moved into a new place - congratulations! However, if there is a chance that the previous tenants or landlords may still be holding on to their keys, then you should definitely consider replacing the locks.

New Kite Marked Locks

Call Tone Locksmiths of Oldham and a professional locksmith will be round to install new, quality locks and give you advice on other home security tips so that your family and your possessions are safe from unwanted visitors and thieves.

On Your Home Insurance

According to the Association of British Insurers' 'Guide to Home Buildings and Contents Insurance', insurers will sometimes refuse to pay out in cases of 'unforced entry' since part of your legal obligation as the policy holder is to do everything you reasonably can to prevent injury, loss or damage (depending on your insurance company and your policy).

Patented Lock Systems

Ask us about patented lock systems which can prevent such worries. In this way, keys are only cut once proof of ownership is presented, giving you control and peace of mind once your locks have been changed.

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